10 Tips for Healthy Pregnant Women

Today we will leave you 10 tips for Healthy Pregnant Women

  1. Understand, it is NOT to eat for two! You only need 300-500 more calories a day. Every cell in your baby’s body will be formed based on what you eat. You are providing the raw material for him to form.
  2. Avoid cold meats, cold meats, table salt in excess, canned, etc. Sodium makes you retain more fluid and can raise your pressure = DANGEROUS and also increase cellulite.
  3. Avoid sugar, refined flour and processed foods, you will gain weight unnecessarily because it raises a lot of insulin and can give you gestational diabetes. Give permission for 1-2 meals a week.
  4. Eat complex carbohydrates high in fiber: oats, potatoes, brown rice, whole pasta, quinoa, grains, etc. 1 cup cooked approximately and 2 servings of fruit a day (1 piece, 1 cup chopped).
  5. Eat MANY vegetables. The more the better = vitamins and antioxidants!
  6. Fats help the baby’s neurological development, especially omega 3. Supplements with 1,000 mg per day and includes 2-3 servings of good fats daily. 1 serving: 1 tablespoon olive oil / coconut, 30 g walnuts (1/4 cup), 1 tablespoon peanut butter / almond, 100 g avocado, 100 g salmon. In addition, fats help you absorb vitamins A, D, E and K.
  7. Eat protein at every meal. Proteins “build” and you’re forming a baby, you need them! They control appetite. You can take 1 whey protein a day.
  8. AVOID sushi, carpaccios (nothing raw), coffee (maximum 200 mg caffeine per day), tuna (high in mercury and may cause malformations).
  9. If before you were pregnant you exercised and trained, you do not have to stop doing it, you are pregnant not sick, rather it will help you not lose muscle mass, protect your metabolism and improve your energy and mood. Always taking precautions and listening to your body: if you feel pain for, if you are very tired rest, you have to be able to have a conversation while doing the cardiovascular. If you do not get oxygen, nor the baby! Check with your doctor because each pregnancy is different.

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