3 Cardiovascular Myths

The cardiovascular, our great ally to burn many calories, lose fat, relieve stress, strengthen the heart and raise endorphins. All that is true, cardiovascular is necessary and important, but there are many myths that surround it, old school things, wrong thoughts that must be corrected because otherwise it can be counterproductive.

  • Myth # 1: To burn more fat we should exercise at low intensity, in the fat burning area indicated by the machine.

False! This is a “half truth”. It’s old school myth. Where does this idea come from? Well, because it actually burns a higher percentage of calories from fat. But, the total calories burned in a low-intensity cardiovascular session are few. If in 30 minutes you run, 25% of the fuel used is fat, if you walk those 30 minutes maybe 40% of the fuel comes from the fat, you will think: “40% is more!” Right? No, because running 30 minutes burn more calories per minute, let’s say that on average burns like 320-340 instead in 30 minutes walking you’re going to burn like 150-160 calories. Although the percentage of fat used is lower, intense activity represents a greater number of calories from fat, and remember that 3500 calories is equal to half a kilo of fat, so what matters most is how many calories in total burn. We ask you, if you do 45 minutes on the treadmill with a slope of 15 walking at a fast pace, intense that you can not talk (it’s my favorite) vs 45 minutes normal guy talking, what do you think is going to help you burn more fat in total ? The INTENSE.

  • Myth # 2: Cardio, cardio and more cardio to lose weight, zero weights and pure cardio.

Yes, cardio is one of the main weapons for burning calories and fat, but when you abuse it even if you are going to lose a lot of weight, you will lose the wrong weight, that is, not just fat but muscle mass! And for us, the muscle is PRECIOUS, it is who keeps the metabolism accelerated, prevents rebound effect, gives us the appearance toned and fit. Muscle allows us to burn more fat. For lasting change, you have to integrate strength training into your routine. Weight training increases lean muscle mass, which raises metabolism and burns more fat, even when you’re not exercising! Every 1/2 kg of muscle burns 50 calories at rest (which burns 5 minutes running at maximum speed or jumping rope) The cardiovascular and weights are a marriage, those who only do cardiovascular have more sagging, slower metabolism and a body Less harmonious. And leaves the obsession with “weight”, is an inefficient meter, because it does not reflect BODY COMPOSITION. 1 kg. of fat occupies the DOUBLE SPACE that 1 kg. of muscle, guide yourself by your measurements and your clothes.

  • Myth # 3: If you do not have an hour to do cardiovascular is better to do nothing.

False, first 60 minutes is too much, 45 minutes to 70 or 80% of our capacity, it is difficult for us to converse, it is enough. But if you also do not have 45 minutes you can do high intensity intervals for 25 minutes. In fact I recommend doing a few days 45 minutes and other 30 or 25 days much more intense. In them alternate very intense periods short with slightly longer periods moderate, the recovery is minimal. In these HIIT intervals we burn more calories per minute and our metabolism remains elevated for 24 to 48 hours more, the body has to work twice as much to recover lost oxygen, we raise levels of adrenaline, which allows to mobilize more fat to be burned, to Turn is a type of cardiovascular avoids catabolism, protects muscle mass. Several weeks ago we published a routine of super effective intervals, here I leave them.

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