4 Foods you should Avoid on Buffets

We all love to be on vacation and we love even more not having to worry about anything. Hence the success of all-inclusive accommodations, which allow us to eat and drink for 24 hours without limit of quantity. The problem will come, and yes, it always comes, when we return to the harsh reality after a week selecting rich dishes from a free buffet.

So to avoid that the scale gives us a good dislike to the return of vacations, it is important to remember some guidelines before leaving for travel. The idea is not to be contained during our vacations, since it is a moment of leisure and enjoyment, but the one of not ruining months of effort and work in just one week. In most free buffets there are plenty of healthy products, and of course so many that are not, so you decide. If you do not want to throw away your effort, here are four meals that you should not try during your vacation:

  1. Pancakes and waffles: It is, for everyone, the first temptation of the day, the sweet smell of crepes and waffles at the buffet breakfast. As tasty as they are, they are not at all beneficial to our body, let alone to our diet. And is that unless they are whole grain (and probably are not), we are only ingesting refined carbohydrates, plus a ton of sugar and extra calories. So instead of these sweet temptations, it is best to enjoy a rich freshly made tortilla.
  2. Ice Cream: What would a summer be without being able to eat an ice cream? Of course you have to enjoy this sweet treat from time to time but the trick is that it is a whim and not a routine. So instead of every night savoring this delicacy, it is best to try to substitute it with some fresh fruit, to which you can even add a yogurt. We are, in the same way but much healthier, ingesting sugar but at the same time taking care of our line.
  3. Bread and Butter: We re-enter the wheel of refined carbohydrates; Many calories and little nutritional value. And although the bread is healthy, if what we want is not to throw our ideal weight on the ground, the best thing is not to abuse it (although if you eat a slice nothing happens, especially if it is integral). Now, it is not necessary to remember how far away we should keep from the butter.
  4. Cocktails: And just like with ice cream, cocktails are similarly linked to summer and holidays. Special care must be taken with the mixtures, as we will inadvertently be ingesting numerous empty calories.
    A pina colada cocktail has about 500 calories, and a daiquiri about 670. So the best thing is to opt for a glass of wine (which is also a potent antioxidant) or a margarita, both are beverages that have a lower number of calories. Although of course water and natural fruit juices are the safest and healthiest bet.

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