4 Simple Tricks for a Healthy Week

Today we share 4 simple tricks that will help you meet the healthy eating goal from Monday to Sunday:

  • TRICK 1: Do more. Whenever you cook cereals or vegetables, cook more rations. When you make a broth or a vegetable cream do a lot. If you wash salad leaves, wash for two, drain well and store in bags with some absorbent paper.
  • TRICK 2: Apply the multitask. Use all resources. Take advantage and prepare simple things at the same time. Legumes on a fire, cookies in the oven … Distribute your time.
  • TRICK 3: Have a good wardrobe background. Seed mix, yogurt sauce, broth, pesto, cabbage … Healthy preserves will also help you make quick dishes like tomato sauce, coconut milk, bottled vegetables. Like, have fresh herbs will turn a dish into a sensorial party.
  • TRICK 4: Freeze. The freezer preserves the nutrients. Get a good amount of tuppers (or jars) and freeze breads, sauces, desserts, hamburgers, truffles …

Fall in love with the simple cuisine, high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, regenerative and rejuvenating; A diet in which even desserts, pies and ice creams are as irresistible as healthy.
Already have the tricks, if you want to have recipes frequently, follow our Meal-Prep each where, we share the list of ingredients and recipes to eat healthy all week.

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