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Should we Stop Eating Pasta?

You do not have to stop eating pasta, choose one that is 100% whole and when cooking leave it to the tooth to make the digestive process much slower. Now, if...


How to Alleviate Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common and frequent complaints between men and women … The causes? It can be for multiple reasons: bad posture, you spend a...


Lemons and their Benefits

Lemons are citrus fruit that has many uses in the kitchen and in the home in general. It is loaded with vitamin C, flavonoids and other micronutrients highly...


Whey Protein Benefits

Here are the benefits of Whey Protein or Isolate Whey Protein, for your health and body composition: This protein stimulates the release of hormones that...


Cheesecake Vegan Recipe

We want to share with you this recipe, is one of those designated to share on special occasions because it is expensive but yields a lot. It is a vegan cheese...


Dinner Tips

Most of the times, dinner is the food that creates more confusion. Some do not know what foods to choose or how to combine them and others even avoid it...


Weekend Exercise Routine

It is common that when Friday’s arrive, many get carried away by their food trap and turn it into a full weekend of “cheating”. But when you...


Beet Benefits

Beet is considered a super food. Is a nutrient-dense vegetable, contains vitamin A, B, C, antioxidants such as beta-carotene, folic acid, magnesium, potassium...

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