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Airport Foods and Tips

If you are a workaholic. Who spends half of your life at an airport or is simply going on a family vacation, these tips are FOR YOU. Let’s start by first...


Eat all your Meals

We all know that to lose fat we must burn more calories than we consume. This is based on the first law of thermodynamics that says that energy is not created...


Walnut Milk Recipe

If you did not know, nuts are tremendously nutritious and healthy. Research has determined that a diet that includes nuts daily will translate into a longer...


All about Fructose

Sugar in excess is never a positive thing. Whether it is healthy food (eg, fruits). The amount of sugar you eat when you throw that triple banana smoothie is...


Fitness Glossary – Part 4

With these words, the Fitness Glossary culminates, we hope it will be very useful for you! Maximum heart rate: 220 – your age. This is used to determine...


Tips for Measuring Portions

These tips are general, there are always exceptions in terms of metabolism, insulin sensitivity, physical activity, etc. Carbohydrates: Cooked: type brown...


Why we used to Eat More?

We have always told you that Nutrition has a lot to do with Psychology. One goes to a doctor, they prescribe a pill that you are going to buy in the pharmacy...


Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple cider vinegar is a natural and powerful tool to look and feel better. It helps to lose fat: for many reasons, first, it helps to lower blood glucose and...


All about White Bread

White bread is converted into a starch that is nothing more than a chain of glucose molecules (simple sugar) linked together. These bonds break very easily...


3 Recipes using Almonds

With these 3 recipes you can use most of the almonds: Almonds leaf: Cover with water 3 cups of almonds without skin (this is if you want to make the cheese...

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