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Bootcamp Training

The Bootcamp is a high intensity training. Which consists of making different circuits with exercises of speed, strength and flexibility, using body weight and...


Quinoa Muffins Recipe

Today we will be putting together a healthy recipe that will help you keep your cravings for dessert to the limit and at healthy levels: Ingredients (for 6...


Dehydrated Fruits

Dehydrated fruits are easy to get. Convenient to take anywhere (they do not get dirty and last a long time) and are tasty. Are they a good choice? Yes and no...


Dinner Tips

Preparing dinner as God commands: Protein: Is super important in this meal, mainly because you will spend between six and eight hours sleeping and your muscles...


Plantain Benefits

Plantain is an excellent source of carbohydrate. Often underestimated, high in vitamins and minerals, gives you sustained energy but also has 33% more...


Vegetable Source Calcium

Vegetables, seeds and nuts, are a better source of calcium than dairy products, in the countries that consume more milk are the ones with the highest...

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