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Workout your Calves

Today’s video is based on Calves Training, the muscles in the back of the lower leg area, which stretch between the ankle and knee, are known as calves...


How often should I train?

Today we will answer a question that many women have in mind: How often should I train? According to K Publishment, in his book “The Women Fitness...


Bodybuilding Myths

Today we will develop certain myths related to bodybuilding, the same have been established previously by F. Columbu, in his book “Winning Bodybuilding:...


Water Exercise Benefits

Exercises performed on the water, in general, tend to be recommended for people who have been linked to some type of injury and need physical recovery without...


Bodylicious Tips

Today we will talk about certain tips that have been developed by S. Fahrman and J. Fors, in their book “Strong and Sexy: Exercise, Food and Motivation...


Femoral Biceps Workout

Today’s video is based on Femoral Biceps Workout, this is a muscle located in the back of the leg, below the glutes until the knee. Surely you have heard...


Pliometrics Workout

Including plyometrics exercises in your training routine, could make the difference in the results you are looking for, this type of exercises are designed to...

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