BCAAs (branched chain amino acids: valine, leucine, isoleucine) are ideal when your goal is to increase muscle mass or lose fat, when you train intensely your body needs enough amino acids to prevent it from using your protein as a source of energy-> Gluconeogenesis, which is nothing more than obtaining glucose through sources other than carbohydrates.

In gluconeogenesis there is a part that should interest everyone who trains, is called the Glucose-Alanine cycle. In the glucose-alanine cycle BCAAs are released from muscle tissue and parts of them are converted to amino-Alanine, which is then taken to the liver and converted to glucose. The BCAAs taken pass directly to the muscle without needing to make a stop in the liver, its availability is fast and efficient.

At the same time, this essential amino acid has other benefits: it stimulates protein synthesis, increases visceral fat loss, is an ideal supplement when you seek to reduce / define and protect muscle mass, often in regimens to lose fat you lose some muscle, low cortisol (avoids increased fat, protects muscle and elevates testosterone), prevents muscle catabolism by decreasing the amount of protein used as a source of energy <- this is one of its main benefits, it improves your level of resistance.

Now, if you want to go a little further there is an ideal combo, BCAA + GLUTAMINE. BCAAs are the most abundant amino acids in muscles and glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood.

What is the main function of glutamine? Accelerate muscle recovery and strengthen the immune system, a bonus? It’s great for decreasing craving for carbohydrates. Putting together these two helps your workouts reach the next level, the BCAA: increase / strengthen muscle and Glutamine: You recover faster! The dose of BCAA for mass increase is 5 gr. Before and after training. For those who only seek to lose fat and toning 5 gr. after. And glutamine 3-5 gr. Before / after training, we recommend them in powder … Now, if you only want or you can take one of the two go then by BCAA

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