Benefits of Fresh Cheese

Over the last 30 years, saturated fat (found in meat, eggs, cheese, butter, whole milk, lard and some oils) has been considered as one of the main causes of heart diseases.

However, new research has shown that saturated fats have a minimal impact on the risk of heart disease. It is changing the paradigm of saturated fat is bad, allowing foods like cheese, to be considered as bad. More research is needed to show a significant scientific agreement.

Another of the health properties of fresh cheese is that it is made from sheep, so the fat content is lower than other types. What, does not mean that it is bad for the fat itself, but for the amount of calories they have. Undoubtedly, they are far fewer than whole cheeses, which have a difficult fit in low-calorie diets.

It is considered that fresh cheese contains a much less significant amount of total fat than normal cheese has. In addition, the fat that has the fresh cheese is of high quality, as they come from the linoleic acid that helps our body to increase the burning of fats, and increase the caloric consumption.

Therefore, fresh cheese is a good product when it comes to losing weight. This is a good way to eliminate the accumulation of fat in our arteries. This also helps reduce the likelihood that we can suffer from cardiovascular disease.

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