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10 Reasons to Love Cinnamon

We all love cinnamon. Is that who does not like to give a little cinnamon to the oats, pancakes, apples or coffee? We distrust someone who does not like it! It...


What about Cheat Meal?

The food trap, plus it’s a delicious respite is a help and a push to keep improving! IT HELPS YOU! Approximately after four days of a strict diet of fat...


Mistakes during Training

Skipping the warm up: It is important to prepare the muscles and tendons for the training requirements. It is advisable to warm up with cardiovascular exercise...


The “M” Diet

The diet based on mushrooms (mushrooms, mushrooms), better known as “The mushrooms diet” is one of the latest food trends in Hollywood. This regime...


150 Calories Rule

If you are just looking to keep yourself, you are not on a fat loss regimen, and suppose you do not get your food trap of the week, (you can do one or two a...


How to Motivate Yourself?

Many times when we are in a process of changing habits or especially when we are in the gym and is not a usual activity, we often lose motivation to go to this...

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