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9 Guns against Cortisol

Consume these 9 foods and supplements to balance your cortisol levels and improve body composition. Cortisol is not that it is the enemy, it becomes...


What about Fat?

When stored body fat is burned (as a source of energy), the fat cell (also called adipocyte) goes nowhere. The CELL is not lost. Unfortunately, the fat cells...



BCAAs (branched chain amino acids: valine, leucine, isoleucine) are ideal when your goal is to increase muscle mass or lose fat, when you train intensely your...


Femoral and Buttocks

To train femoris and buttocks, always warm up 10 minutes before training, perform your entire workout routine and then do the static stretches. Stretching...


How to Build an Habit

Many times we know what we have to do and yet we are struggling to be able to do it. You are made up of a set of habits, in fact more than 40% of the actions...


Jamaica Flower Infusion

The infusion of jamaica flower in addition to being super rich and refreshing, has many benefits: Helps to make fat oxidation, more efficient because it helps...


Anxiety and Appetite?

Do you suffer from anxiety and a lot of appetite? Maybe you have a hormone leptin uncontrolled. Leptin is a hormone secreted by adipose tissue one hour after...

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