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Discipline Muscle

If you are one of those who begins some purpose and then leaves; Or on the contrary, if you have a goal and want to immerse yourself in it, today we want to...


Obese Personality

The world of personalities, traits, characteristics and much more that we usually list to fit ourselves into specific parameters, defined by our society, or...


Less food = Less calories?

Myth: “My weight loss plan is going great, I skip some meals because: fewer meals, fewer calories, right?” NO WONDER DREAMS! As many who will read...


Eat Carbs with Protein

We recommend accompanying carbohydrate with protein and never eat alone, why? In the first place because it suits you more, it is not the same thing to eat an...


Dangerous Pills

Most people believe that the solution comes in a magic pill, nothing further from the truth! The diet is 70% of EVERYTHING. There is very little regulation as...


All about Sports Drinks

The decision to drink a sports drink like Gatorade / Powerade depends on the activity you are going to perform and your goals. Sports drinks contain water and...

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