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Today is Glutes Day

Today’s video is based on Glutes Training! The first exercise performed by Gracyanne in this video focuses on the abductors, which are those muscles that...


TRX training

The TRX or suspension training to functional exercises that are developed through a harness attached by an anchor point, adjustable non-elastic made of...


Build your Six Pack

We all know that having well-trained and trained abs makes us look much better, therefore, it increases our self-esteem, however, many times we do not know...


10 reasons to do exercise

Today we will develop a series of reasons why you should exercise, do not sit there and take all these reasons to go out and make your life much healthier 1...


90º Leg Press

The Leg Press, is an ideal machine for exercising the quadriceps and can be done in a very practical way. According to experts, it is a good alternative for...

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