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X-Mas Special WORKOUT

  Today we bring you a special Christmas Routine! Where we can see the use of fabrics for training and the importance of elasticity when using them. The...


Zumba, a fun way to work out

Zumba is a fitness discipline, for all ages, recognized for help people to maintain a healthy body by dancing with a series of aerobic routines that help the...


The PROS of doing SQUATS

THE PROS OF DOING SQUATS Increases strength and power: The glutes, the hamstrings and the quadriceps, increase their strength with this exercise, as well as it...


Four tips for your training

We want you to succeed in this training world, that’s why we will give you the following tips in order to make an exercise 100% effective: While you are...


Five natural fat burners

Our feeding habits are very important for loosing weight, this is why we leave you a list of 5 foods that help us to activate our metabolism and lose fat at...

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