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Cardio.. Before or After?

It is a question that is constantly repeated: Do cardio before weight training or after? Especially in the case of women, the visit to the gym consists of a...


Wake up more energetic!

You are not the only one who wake up without energy … just wanting to sleep a little more, for this reason we will give you some advices to recharge your...


Grow your Booty

Today’s video is based on Squats and Lunges, as we know, this are exercises that benefit your posture and the entire glutes muscle, below we can see more...


Booty Workout

Today’s video is based on booty workout, being the buttocks a very large and powerful muscle, a greater development will involve activating the...


7 Minutes Exercise Routine

It is a reality that we all have those “problematic” areas, however, this is why today we will give you some exercises to do in 7 minutes and with...

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