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Brazilian Booty Workout

Today’s video is based on a Brazilian Booty Workout, which is based on different types of exercise, such as the following ones: Squats: This are...


Insanity Workout Cautions

The Insanity Workout has as main objective the person can surpass itself, it tries to test the body to know what can do, bringing at the same time an anaerobic...


Femoral Biceps Curls

Today’s video exercise is based on the lower part of the body, focused on the workout of the legs, especially, the back of them. The muscles that have...


Legs and Booty Workout

Today’s video is based on Jumping and Sumo Squats, where the active muscles during this activities are quads, glutes, hamstrings and adductors. The...


Healthy Brownie Recipe

We love chocolate and this time, we can try this recipe for a healthy dessert, without butter, or sugar, eggs or wheat flour, so it may prove suitable for...


Importance of proteins

Today we will develop the importance of proteins and the function they perform in our body, as we know are amino acid compounds that combine chemical elements...


Lunges Training

Let’s talk again about Lunges! As we know is an activity that will help to develop your quads and glutes, as well as it can improve your coordination and...

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