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Hip Thrust Routine

The Hip Thrust is a glute exercise designed to improve your strength, speed and power by teaching optimal hip extension. What is “optimal hip...


Dumbbell Bent Over Row

Today’s video is based in a dumbbell bent-over row works several muscles in your upper body, including your traps, rhomboids, lats, biceps and rear...


Tips for a night running

Going for a night full of running, can be one of the funniest experiences, as well as it can fills you because of its individuality and peacefulness, as simple...


Efficient Abs Routine

Today’s video is focused on the abs, making use of a very particular tool, as it is to the ab wheel. If you want to develop and define your middle zone...


Stiff Deadlifts

Today’s video is about Stiff Deadlift, which is a simply deadlift, a resistance exercise, performed with high hips, while emphasizing the hamstrings...


Reserve Hack Squat

Today’s video is based on Reverse Hack Squat, which is a compound movement that does not merely isolate the hamstrings but becomes a vital strength...


Twerk Workout

  Twerking is known as a type of dance, which originates from African dances, most of the times is performed by women and focuses on performing movements...


Carnival Special Workout

In today’s special edition, we have a series of exercises that will prepare you to have the body of your dreams in these carnivals, here you have the...

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