Bodybuilders Curiosities

For today’s article, we set out to find a series of curious facts about some bodybuilders, who have left an indelible mark on Mr. Olympia, many of them will seem funny and different to what we all hope, so here we go:

  • Frank Zane:
  1. He has a musical group called Zane, who released his first CD in 1997, containing 25 songs oriented to bodybuilding, written all by him.
  2. She is one of three people (the only one in the US) who has managed to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bodybuilding competition whose victory made him the most popular bodybuilder of the time and one of Mr. Olympia’s few winners of Less than 90 kg.
  3. In his private life he worked as a mathematics and chemical sciences professor, for what he was nicknamed “the chemist”
  • Sergio Oliva:
  1. He co-starred in a 1975 Mexican wrestling film known as “El Poder Negro”.
  2. In 1986, his wife Arleen Garrett attempted to commit homicide against him, and gave him five .38-caliber shots in the abdomen
  3. He is the winner of Mr. Olympia with the smallest waist of history, only 68.58 cm
  4. His son Sergio Oliva Jr. followed his footsteps in bodybuilding.
  • Ronnie Coleman:
  1. Coleman graduated Cum Laude from Grambling State University, with a degree in Accounting and Finance.
  2. During a time of his life, he was police and his job partnet motivated him to compete in the bodybuilding.
  • Phil Heath:
  1. His mother took him to piano lessons when he was young and motivated him to study hard.
  2. Today is a magnificent classical pianist.
  3. He played basketball during college, but being rejected by the NBA decided to try bodybuilding always supported by all his teammates.

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