Classic Physique Competition

Classic Physique is a competition directed for guys who want to take their muscularity and size beyond the limits of Men’s Physique, but not quite to the extremes of Bodybuilding.

This competition is the result of constant evolution in the athletes of this sport, it will highlight the proportion, symmetry, pleasing lines, and small waist of the competitors. Which means it will take into consideration aesthetic qualities with muscular and physical conditions.

The appearance of this type of competition, is inspired in bodybuilders of years gone by. People such as Frank Zane, Steve Reeves and Larry Scott, to mention just a few of the classic physiques of old. These athletes are recognized for preferring a lighter classic physique look.

Even though the Men’s Bodybuilding is still the ‘main event’ and the class which steals the headlines. The Classic Physique comes into the show to present competitors with a healthy look for people that are looking more of this type of events. It really is a new way to make Mr. Olympia an event of inclusion.

At Classic Physique Competition, every competitor have to appear and present 5 poses, such as:

  1. Front Double Biceps.
  2. Side Chest.
  3. Back Double Biceps.
  4. Abdominals and thighs
  5. Favourite Classic Pose of the competitor.

They have only 60 seconds to perform the described poses.



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