Coffee and Training

Besides speeding up the metabolism.

Providing antioxidants and giving energy, coffee decreases muscle soreness after training, that pain that lasts a couple of days after an intense training session, either because you are a beginner, or because you intensified your routine, You did something that your body is not used to, micro tear occurred in the muscle fibers and this generates pain, eye, it does not always hurt after a workout, and this does not mean that the workout did not work, every six or eight weeks you should change what you are doing for the body to continue to evolve, when you do something your body did not expect it usually hurts, when you raise weight in training it hurts, some pain is normal.

The point is that caffeine.

A good cup of coffee that provides enough, after training can help you decrease the pain drastically and reduce the time it lasts, the main reason caffeine does this is because it blocks certain receptors in the brain related to pain.

Another supplement that can help decrease pain and increase and accelerate muscle recovery is glutamine, 5 gr. after training, this amino acid also helps to improve immune system and significantly decreases anxiety for carbohydrates … In short, a cup of coffee before training will help them to train with energy, and a cup after the training routine, does not have to be It can help them to decrease pain, but remember, do not consume more than 2-3 cups a day of coffee.

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