Dangerous Fat

Visceral fat is not the one you can see or pinch, it is the one that is between your organs, it is much deeper. And, when the amount of visceral fat is excessive can cause your abdomen to speak forward.

This fat is more dangerous because it increases the inflammation in the organs, releases substances called adipokines; Which are the proteins responsible for signaling between cells, they raise blood pressure and cause insulin resistance. Visceral fat also decreases the amount of adiponectin, it’s great! It has a direct control in the metabolism and functioning of insulin, decreases inflammation and is vital for fat burning and a good metabolism, if this hormone decreases, triglycerides soar, continue to increase body fat and increase your problems with insulin . That is why when there is a lot of visceral fat you are more likely to have diabetes and heart problems.

The best way to lose visceral fat is by taking care of what you eat. And it is ESSENTIAL heavy weight training and intense cardio (HIIT intervals) alternating with constant cardio at 75% of your capacity; That it costs you to hold a conversation for 45 min.

It is effective because it speeds up the metabolism, burns more calories, improves your hormonal environment; More sensitivity to insulin and elevates growth hormone and stimulates the oxidation of this type of fats.

And doing weights allows you to increase muscle mass;

Increase insulin receptors at muscle level and muscle mitochondria, so you oxidize more fat and your metabolism is accelerated, create a biochemical environment in your body that decreases adipokines, those chemicals that make you sick, make you accumulate more fat and wear your muscles.

Constant cardio to 75% of your cap.

Also enhances metabolic biomarkers (biomarkers can be specific cells, molecules / genes, enzymes and / or hormones, are complex organic functions); Better hormonal and metabolic environment. That is why it is good to combine a few days you do weights + HIIT and others you do weights + constant cardio, to also lose subcutaneous fat.

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