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Most of the times, dinner is the food that creates more confusion. Some do not know what foods to choose or how to combine them and others even avoid it. First, NEVER stop eating, spend 7-8 hours without eating, dinner is the one that will give your muscles the amino acids you need.

Now, for that it is necessary that the dinner is high in protein, this will allow you to feel full for more time, will keep the anxiety at bay and your metabolism more accelerated. Accompany the protein with vegetables, they provide fiber, water, low calories and carbohydrates, many vitamins and minerals.

If you have a normal metabolism and your goal is to maintain or lose fat, we recommend that as a source of energy you choose good fats because they do not raise insulin and this allows you to burn more fat and at the same time you secrete more growth hormone while you sleep, because growth hormone levels are inversely proportional to those of insulin, the macronutrient that most stimulates insulin are foods high in carbohydrates.

Now, if you have a very fast metabolism and / or your goal is to increase, you’re a man and you trained intensely at night, you can consume a complex carbohydrate of glycemic load from medium to low.

Carbohydrate intake at night depends on multiple factors, gender, level of physical activity, goals, metabolism, hormonal environment, insulin sensitivity. You have to know your body. There is no single model, there are general guidelines and “average” behaviors, but there are always exceptions. In my case I prefer to dine on protein, fats and vegetables and leave the high carb for the day.

The ideal options for a healthy dinner are:

  1. Grilled fish or chicken breast, with a varied salad and avocado. If you add a good amount of avocado the salad does not add oil because the avocado already provides the necessary amount of fat. If you go out to eat you can eat Japanese and lean for cuts of raw fish or ask for rolls that are of protein.
  2. Scrambled eggs with vegetables, a full egg and 3-4 egg whites. You can add some crumbled chicken breast instead of turkey ham, I do not like it, it does not matter that it is low in fat, it is VERY processed and has MUCH sodium.
  3. Grilled chicken breast burgers or tuna cans that drain well, wash a little with water and drain again to remove sodium, add chopped vegetables, 1 raw egg for a compact mixture, make burgers and bake. Accompany with vegetables.

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