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Did you give birth and you were more flaccid than you expected? But we do not mean the belly that is left after, we mean, it’s been 4-6 months and you still feel that your belly is not getting tight … Your abs separated.

Why are the abs separated?

Because the rectus abdominis, your inner corset, is very vulnerable to separation during pregnancy thanks to the pressure of the baby growing in the uterus, which rests on the front wall of the same. This pressure, coupled with the hormonal changes, the excessive increase of weight, can force these muscles to open, through the navel as a zipper. This affects 37% of first-time and 67% of women With multiple pregnancies.

Factors that predispose to diastasis of the rectus abdominis:

  1. The obesity.
  2. Have a big baby.
  3. Excessive uterine fluid.
  4. You had weak abdominal muscles before pregnancy.
  5. In some cases you can happen if even if everything was normal you put on is to do crunches ahead of time, I do not recommend doing traditional crunches 6 months after childbirth, just do planks.

The most common symptoms are:

  1. You have constant pain in the lower back, glutes, and / or hip pain.
  2. A vertical protrusion in the center of your abdomen when standing or sitting; Which becomes a bulge / ball when you are lying on the floor and you raise your head to make an abdominal contraction.
  3. What NOT to do:
  • Regular “crunch” abs.
  • Watch as you do anything that puts strain on the abdomen, especially rotating activities, even take care of as you rise from a horizontal position. Also, avoid exercises in which you are lying on your back and lowering your legs (leg raises), the abs you do when you lie down and raise and lower your legs straight to work the lower abdomen.
  • If it is slight you can improve this as a good belt, to prevent it use Belly bandit, bought online and do four sets of one minute of plates four times a week. If severe you need surgery, you will stitch your muscles. CONSULTATION WITH A SURGEON!

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