Dorian Yates : Six Success Rules

Today we will continue with some rules for achieving success, in this case, we will take into consideration the ones made by the Sixth Time Mr. Olympia Winner, Dorian Yates, don’t miss what he has to say:

Don’t fight against hope:

Each of us is genetically unique, and so does our calves, so never judge your own with the size and shape of someone else’s. Just work your calves like YOU should train them to get YOUR own results, and set a goal for them to be the best they can.

Calves are a common muscle group:

The principles of weight training apply universally to any part of the body (muscle group), including the calves. That means that you have to train them intensively and heavily, then leave some time after each workout for your correct recovery.

Do not overtrain your calves:

This is a complement to the previous rule, do not assume that if your calves lack much development, you train twice as frequently as other parts of the body. Be aware that the muscle tissue of these muscles is morphologically the same as the muscle tissue of your biceps, back, quadriceps, or any other.

Train your calves with a maximum level of intensity:

If you have weak calves and strong thighs, he recommend that you start your training with the first ones, because squats, leg presses, squatting on the hack and leg curls take a lot of energy that could help you train your calves.

Stretch before and during your training:

Before any training, even during warm-up series, we recommend you to stretch any muscle group that you will train; It is equally important to stretch between sets. The calves are susceptible to cramping, and the Achilles tendon is particularly easy to injure, so after each series get a stretch and massage to make sure they are relaxed and ready to contract before starting your next series.

Avoid excessive heating series:

After stretching, do a warm-up series of your first exercise roughly with a weight at 50% of my maximum weight, these can vary, the goal is to conserve as much energy as possible to have energy for the massive mass-building series.

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