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A message from your company’s computer help desk: Go out for lunch, people. A recent survey of 150 IT managers conducted by Sunrise Software, a British maker of programs that track help-desk activities, identified printer issues as the most common reason for a help-desk call. But it also revealed that in a typical one-month period, 56% of tech workers had to troubleshoot at least one food-related computer mishap. The things they encountered: everything from potato chips in a CD drive to desktops stubbornly stuck to a desk by unknown substances. In the U.S., keyboards are regularly rendered unusable by crumb buildup, spill-related stickiness, and foul odors from decaying food, says Jon Aumann, a field-agent manager for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, which serves small businesses and home offices. Aumann’s scariest memory: “I once found a sandwich inside a computer tower,” he says. “With a bite out of it.” –Ben Levisohn

How many of you eat while checking Instagram or catching up on Facebook? Yes … it’s a serious mistake! Difficult to correct but it can be done, you can! When technological devices like cell phones, computers, tablets distract you at lunch time, you can even unconsciously overeat! With these tips you can learn to eat with conscience, to have all the senses in action and above all to control your mind, so that you do not submit to those binges and bad habits:

  1. Plan everything you put on your plate, including the amount.
  2. Before eating, make sure you are not subjected to an unpleasant situation or stress to avoid poor digestion. If so, breathe deeply three times before to relax and enjoy food.
  3. Remove any distractor (cell phone, ipad, etc.) from the table and do not eat in front of the TV.
  4. When you are eating, think what feeling generates when doing it like anxiety, sadness, more desire to eat, satiety, etc. So we can control those that affect us.
  5. From 1 to 10 measure your hunger scale and think whether it is actually hunger or anxiety. You must listen very well to what your body asks for. A good trick is to imagine a plate of broccoli with grilled chicken or a good salad, if it does not provoke you but you are craving a bauble or junk food, clearly it is anxiety.
  6. Finally, enjoy the food and flavor it, because nothing is richer than eating as long as you give your body all the nutrients it needs.

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