Emotional Eating

Okay, it’s time to grab a notebook or agenda. It is time to start accepting that sometimes we can not separate what we feel from what we eat, and less on these important and emotional dates. This can turn into a vicious circle, if we leave it, but we will give you a brief trick to cut with this one.

Below are 2 questions you have to ask yourself each time you go to eat something for 1 week. It sounds easy? Well, many will be surprised. Doing this you will see if you really HUNGER or if it is your emotions that are causing you to get some food that you do not need or even want.

  • Are you hungry?

Do you have any physiological evidence of hunger? Does your stomach ring? Do you feel weak or tired? The last time you ate was 3-4 hours ago? If the answer to any of these questions is: YES, go to eat. If not, it’s time for the second question.

  • Are you depressed or anxious?

Did you just fight? Are you looking forward to a job delivery? Whatever it is, write down what you feel and why you might be feeling it. Getting in touch with your emotions is critical right now. If you do not, you’re going to have very big difficulties in achieving your weight loss goals. Dig deep and put it into words.

These techniques will seem silly, but they can make a world of difference. Now that the temptations, offerings, celebrations, pressures of the family and the friends enter, we have to be more connected and conscious than ever. With our goals fixed and clear. Sometimes it is ideal to set realistic goals for this time, such as “keep me in my weight”. Instead of “lowering 5 kilos the month of December”. This last statement will cost us much more, we will not enjoy it, it is more likely that we will not fulfill it and we will feel frustrated.

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