Fats Myth

Myth: “I think fat is what’s making me fat, Licensed, so I stopped consuming it completely and now.”

This thought is SO Eighty’s! Once upon a time there was a world where people thought they had to take away all the fats completely in order to lose weight (between the years 1980 and 1990), there were books, TV programs and so on. That they explained how to do it, blah blah.

One of the reasons they put forward is true: that fat has more than twice as many calories per gram as carbohydrate and protein, for example, fat has 9 calories and carbo and protein 4, another reason to eliminate it is because it raises Cholesterol in the blood, increasing the risk of heart disease, and that fats (such as fried foods, mayonnaise, etc.) usually have fewer vitamins and minerals compared to other foods.

However, even if it is necessary to fulfill many functions in our body, what we should be aware of is the TYPE of fat (which is healthy: avocado, fish rich in Omega 3, olive oil, nuts, olives) and of the QUANTITY (ideally maximum 3 servings per day, 1 serving equals: 1 tsp. Of olive oil, 1/8 avocado, 6 to 10 units of dried fruit, and so on.

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