Femoral and Buttocks

To train femoris and buttocks, always warm up 10 minutes before training, perform your entire workout routine and then do the static stretches. Stretching relaxes tendons and muscles and although this makes you more flexible makes you more prone to injury because they lose the power / strength they need to perform explosive exercises like weight training, so it is best to stretch after training!

And girls, fat in the legs costs more to decrease because it is metabolically less active than the abdominal, we are genetically conditioned to accumulate fat in this area. Briefly, we explain why we accumulate more fat in the area of ​​the hips and legs, should befemoral and gluteal to the distribution of adrenoreceptors, they control the metabolism of fat at the cellular level and blood flow to / from adipose tissue .

There are two types, beta receptors that are somehow considered good ones, which increase lipolysis and blood circulation to adipose tissue. And alpha receptors are considered to be bad, because they inhibit lipolysis and decrease blood flow to adipose tissue, women have more of these alpha receptors in the legs than men, they have more alpha receptors at the abdominal level, so our problem area are the hips and theirs the belly. This added to the differences in hormone level, estrogen and testosterone, and other factors. There are many other differences between both genders and it is a very deep topic that I will explain little by little. Here it goes:

  • Deep squats:

Separate the feet a little more from the width of the shoulders, slightly outward tips, lower more than 90º. 4 series of 10-12-15-20

  • Deadlift with bar.

4 series of 10-12-15-20

  • Static dumbbell shifters.

3 series of 15.

  • Leg curl in machine.

4 series of 10-12-15-20

  • Individual curl leg.

4 series from 10-12-15-20

  • Buttock kick with cable.

4 series of 15.

  • Bridge with feet in step or ball using.

4 sets of 15-20.

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