Fitness Glossary – Part 2

Today we will leave you the second part of this Fitness Glossary:

  1. Anabolism: At the cellular level, it refers to chemical reactions that combine simple substances to form more complex molecules. Anabolism could be a synonym for growth. In fitness, when we refer to anabolism is usually in the muscle domain, when a muscle growth occurs. When we create an ideal hormonal environment in the body to develop musculature.
  2. Catabolism: In the body are chemical reactions that unfold complex organic compounds into simpler organic compounds. Now, in fitness we usually use the word catabolism referring to muscle catabolism: when you lose muscle mass, either by a hypocaloric diet, by not consuming a certain macronutrient, by a bad training or an excess of cardiovascular. It is important that you understand that anabolism and catabolism not only refer to muscles, there may be catabolism in fat, that is, when you oxidize and lose fat.
  3. Oxidising Fat: It’s the correct term to use when you mean you’re burning fat. This is how you lose fat, when this is the “gasoline” that your body uses for activities and exercise.
  4. Glycogen: This is the way your body stores carbohydrates you consume in your muscles and liver.
  5. Resistance training: Any resistance exercise, such as weights, your body weight or elastic bands. 1 Rep Max: The maximum amount of weight you can lift in a single replay.
  6. Negative phase: Negative training is when the muscle lengthens during an exercise; Eccentric contraction. For example, in biceps curl, the negative movement is when you carry the weight down. There are people who neglect this part of the movement and it is very important to strengthen the muscle well.

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