Fitness Glossary – Part 3

This is the third part of a series of publications in which we explain common words used in fitness that some people do not understand.

  • Concentric contraction or positive phase / flex:

It is the typical movement that we do when we raise the weight and the muscle is shortened. Example: the beginning of a curl of biceps.

  • Recovery:

Refers to rest between exercises. Short recovery (30 seconds) is best for fat burning and conditioning, a long recovery is best for those who are in the volume phase and lift a lot of weight.

  • Volume Phase:

For those who follow a structured plan to increase muscle mass, those who seek to grow and further develop their muscles and are not focused on losing fat.

  • Definition / drying phase:

Those who follow a structured plan to lose fat and achieve a better visualization of muscle cuts, that is, that they are defined muscles.

  • DOMS:

Late-onset muscle pain. It is a pain and muscle stiffness that you feel hours after an intense workout that you were not accustomed to, can last from 24 to 72 hours. Remember that after training very intense micro tears occur in the muscle fibers, this is what generates pain, but with adequate rest and nourishment, the body regenerates these fibers and makes them stronger. Let’s say that it prepares them for future training, so that they can resist them better, in this way it is how hypertrophy (growth) is generated and the muscle strengthens; To this phenomenon where your body acts to “protect you” is called overcompensation. To treat DOMS it is recommended to increase blood flow to the muscle with moderate intensity cardio (no intervals), massage, hot baths and supplement with 3-5 g of L-Glutamine (amino acid).

  • Get to failure:

When you can not do one more repetition. It’s when you get to that last repetition with effort and feel that you can not do one more.

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