Frank Zane’s History

Today’s article is dedicated to Frank Zane, who is renowned for being the winner of Mr. Olympia’s title 3 times, equally known as the “Father of Aesthetics”. His intense approach and regimen on symmetry and proportions gave him a physical to be admired and desired.

His interest in this activity began when he was only 14 years old, he could observe his rapid progress that interested him more and more in this bodybuilding world.

He was nicknamed “The Chemist” because of his science degree, and his abundant use of supplements and amino acids. It had the smallest second waist in the history of Olympia, and gained its three titles weighing less than 85 kg.

In an age where everyone was trying to have more muscle mass, Zane did his best to be small. His focus on lightweights led him to build a truly admirable body.

Frank Zane is truly a bodybuilding legend:

He was one of the few people who overcame Arnold at a certain stage of bodybuilding.

Nowadays he has published several books on bodybuilding, where he often focuses on the importance of meditation and relaxation rather than emphasizing technique. Giving the opportunity to other potential participants to find their way, ambition and goals in this type of competition.

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