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Today we will take into consideration some tips made by Jay Cutler, the winner of Mr. Olympia 2006. 2007, 2009 and 2010. His advices are for those who have just entered this world of bodybuilding and are involved in amateur competitions.

Practice “Dominated” to build your back:

According to Cutler, this is a very easy exercise that can exercise your back. Even though he didn’t practice it after years, he knows this wasn’t the best decision, this technique requires a learning curve and a good dose of practice before doing it.
Forget how many discs are in the bar:

Too many guys are busy thinking about the amount of weight they use for their back, much of the times. This happens because they see Dorian and Ronnie lifting more than 400 lb., however, these guys only lift the weight and drop it, and there is almost no stimulation in the back at all, for this reason, he recommend to forget about how many stupid discs are in the bar and focus in what you feel in your back during each repetition.
Make an isolation movement first:

For example, Jay do side lifts on “shoulder day”, to get a good pumping in the middle head of his shoulders, this happens because he truly believes in that a pumped muscle responds best to heavy weights, for this reason, he concludes that a compound movement is much better if you do a isolation movement first.

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