Healthy Snacks: Peanuts

Peanuts are one of the best snacks you can eat, easy to get, economical and super nutritious. Peanut shell is even better because it is much less processed and contains no added oil or salt, a portion of peanut that equals 28 gr (1oz) = 24 units = 12 shells (there are 2 peanuts in c / u), provide 160 Calories and 7 gr of protein. It’s a lot to be a vegetable source! It is also low in carbohydrates, it only adds about 4.5 g, and half is fiber!

It also contains almost 14 gr of good fats. The type of fat present in peanut helps control blood glucose and insulin, at the same time helps control appetite and anxiety, regulate hormones and lower bad cholesterol. Obviously, because it is a fat you have to control amounts because it is densely caloric, in a small amount there are many calories, we know that 160 calories is not much, but if it is small (28 grams are only 24 peanuts) it satisfies. Calorie density refers to volume per calorie. For example, vegetables contribute few calories in a lot of volume, to eat 160 calories in vegetables you have to throw a pigeon, so it is recommended that if you are a little hungry or you are very anxious and already ate your protein, fat or carbohydrate filled with vegetables. Take your snacks with vegetables or salad.

Peanut companion? A portion in the morning you can eat it with a piece of fruit: an apple or a cup of strawberries, or a grapefruit / grapefruit or a small banana / cambur etc, whatever you prefer. If you are going to eat it in the afternoon, accompany it with protein, it can be 3 ounces (28 gr) of chicken breast or 1 Isolate Whey protein. Or if you walk in a run you eat only the peanuts, something is something. That is for me a real and healthy “fast food”.

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