How to Build an Habit

Many times we know what we have to do and yet we are struggling to be able to do it. You are made up of a set of habits, in fact more than 40% of the actions you perform each day are not in themselves decisions, but habits.

If you do not like how you look, it’s time to examine that set of habits that have led you to be like this, many actions, one after another have pierced these behaviors in your body and mind. Each time you complete the same action, it takes a little less will power and mental ability to make the same decision.

And eventually these actions become automatic and you almost do not even think about them. A habit is constructed with 3 things: a trigger, a routine and a reward. That’s why you crave certain types of food, you eat boredom, the reason you can not avoid always checking the time, phone or social networks. Let’s assume you want to start seeing exercise as a habit rather than an obligation, because it really is the only way to do it in the long run and make it more effective.

  • Detonator:

The alarm sounds at seven in the morning: time to exercise.

  • Routine:

Exercise at seven in the morning every day, do not miss even once for 21 days.

  • Reward:

You feel good about yourself, your clothes start to look better, you have more energy and strength.

Eventually your body and brain will begin to give you signals that it is time to exercise at seven in the morning, you may not even have to use the alarm at some point. At some point this is going to become automatic, and now missing out on the gym and not exercising is what will require all your willpower, and the fact of doing it is a habit and it does not cost you, it will cost you more not to do it . You can also adjust old habits because you already know how they form and compose.

If you do not like your appearance remember that it is the result of years of bad habits, they are reversible but they will take your time, you are not a slave to past choices, you can change! A HABIT AT A TIME; Because your willpower, your ability is limited.

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