How to get back your Abs after Pregnancy – Part 1

Many moms express their concern about the appearance and shape of their abdomen after pregnancy, however to begin with, it is necessary to understand that the body continues to adapt to the physical and hormonal changes up to a year (or even longer if breastfeeding continues) After the birth of the baby. This is not to say that we must forget to recover the physical condition, but we must consciously and safely occupy ourselves in order to achieve the desired condition.

In order to achieve recovery of the abdomen and pelvic floor, a condition that usually occurs in many pregnant women is called diastasis of rectus or abdominal separation. During pregnancy the hormone relaxin is responsible for the lubrication and loosening of the connective tissue of the pelvis to allow it to open for the arrival of the baby, however this hormone is not exclusive to this area, it is also segregated in the rest of the tissues, especially in the connective tissue of the rectus abdominis (better known as sixpack). By segregating this hormone in this area the tissue begins to stretch which can lead to their separation leading to discomfort in the lower back.

In this sense it is very important for the woman to check that her abdominal muscles do not have the separation before starting any abdominal routine, however there are a series of exercises that strengthen the transverse or transverse abdominal, those that fulfill a function of belt for the body that are beneficial in this case. When the transverse abdominals are strengthened you can start the work of the rectus abdominis and obliques. Remember that exercising aggressively can worsen the condition.

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