How to get back your Abs after Pregnancy – Part 2

Following are suggested postures to strengthen the transverse abdominal. Remember to accompany them with a balanced diet and cardiovascular exercise to get better results.

Plank with forearms supported:

Start on the four supports, hands under the shoulders, knees to the width of the hips and then support the forearms on the surface. Stretch your legs with your toes and hold your posture starting with 20 seconds and gradually increasing.

  • Variation: You can raise one leg back and toggle.
  • Tip: Watch that the buttocks do not stay so high, you must look like a board.


Start on the four supports and stretch the legs by supporting the toes and maintain the posture, with firm arms and buttocks aligned, starting with 20 seconds and increasing gradually.

Side plate:

Starting from the iron, it begins to move one foot towards where the other is and gradually raise the arm to the sky. Hold the stance starting with 20 seconds and then change sides.

  • Variation: you can do it starting from the plate with support in the forearm, in this way in the lateral plate is the forearm supported.

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