How to know if your Protein Shake is good?

Okay, we’ve always recommended Isolate Whey Protein, “Isolate” means the protein is totally insulated, it does not contain lactose or fat, the purer the protein the better, there are some that are mixed with concentrated protein that still has traces of lactose .

For the protein to be good it has to have 20 gr. of protein at least, zero fat, zero sugar, less than 2 gr. of carbohydrate. How to know if the protein shake is of quality? If what is on the label is really true? Watch well how your body reacts after taking it, if it ignites you, gives you gas, liquid retains, you sprout, the protein is not really good and you are getting pussy, very careful.

When it comes to protein powders it is always best to go for the best quality.

If you do not have the budget to buy a really good it is preferable that you eat animal protein, natural foods, which are also great! And they provide all the amino acids, eggs, lean meat, chicken breast, pork loin … That’s better to take a cheap protein! Sad but true. A protein shake provides up to 25 gr. of protein … For you to compare, 100 gr. Of chicken breast that has 30 gr. of protein!

To those who ask me if these shakes affect the kidneys.

What can hurt you is an exaggerated excess of protein, come from wherever you come, but if you take care of your intake in the day, a portion the size of the palm of your hand for food , A protein shake a day, nothing bad will happen, a person who exercises can consume 2 gr. of protein per kilo, it is the daily total that matters.

Protein has many benefits.

It is building material in your body, for muscle tissue, enzymes, hormones, the body has difficulty digesting protein, burning 30% of its calories in digestion, for this reason eating protein accelerates the metabolism, Helps to burn more calories in total in the day, at the same time helps to level blood glucose levels, stops carbohydrates a little, lowers their glycemic load, is like a carbohydrate and blood sugar policeman, Protein controls your appetite greatly and satisfies you for longer.

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