How to Motivate Yourself?

Many times when we are in a process of changing habits or especially when we are in the gym and is not a usual activity, we often lose motivation to go to this physical training site so the immediate response to this collapse is, STOP GOING. Here we have summarized a series of proposals that you can take into consideration, to keep the spirit and the active motivation to train and continue to improve your quality of life.

  1. REAL GOALS: establishing goals that are consistent with your reality is the first recommendation, with this you will avoid falling into a complete failure to your approaches and you will approach the final purpose: HEALTHY LIFE.
  2. CHOOSE A PARTNER OF YOUR OWN PLEASURE: it is not enough just to register in the gym but also to surround yourself with people who have the same purposes, not necessarily someone who looks like a magazine because you can certainly find frustration at slow changes in When you enter a “comparative” phase, that is, mix with people who are looking for the same thing as you, preferably one in particular, this helps you to share your progress, support each other and find that “extra” impulse you need when You are decaying.
  3. MOVED MUSIC: definitely our moods can be influenced by the musical rhythm, that is why you must consciously choose the music you will listen during your training time, it is advisable to emphasize this aspect because if you happen to be crossed “A song that connects you with a sad past or with a tone of calm and serenity your body will respond to that auditory stimulus.
  4. COME COMFORTABLE: even if the leggings, sets very close to the body or something that can mark an area that is not to your liking, are fashionable, stop venting to areas where you do not feel comfortable, do not fear repeating clothes, it is important that you are as comfortable as possible so that your whole concentration is directed more to training and less to how you look.
  5. DISCONNECT: if the training is based on dedicating 4% of the day to your body, in physical matter, because it concentrates all your senses to them, turns off the cellular (airplane mode), silencialo, give a respiro to the social networks and Leave the “selfies” for when you are done. Without realizing it we can invest an average of 20 min. In total watching the phone in a training that supposes is of 45 min.
  6. DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED: weighing yourself will constantly raise your anxiety levels to a maximum, quickly reaching absolute frustration, which is why you must completely divorce the balance. We are in the era of selfies, are not we? Then choose a day of the month and take a photo and so on for each time. You will not be able to believe the progressive changes that you will have throughout your excellent process.
  7. AVOID OVERTRAINING: This means that if you are not used to overtraining, take it easy so that you do not end up associating the gym with “hell”.

Remember that we are changing human beings, we all suffer from emotional ups and downs and fall once before what you were excited and excited at the beginning (unless you get used to it). Improving your quality of life is a total WIN-WIN that you will not only see the benefits but all those around you. Cheer up!

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