How to start your Healthy Lifestyle

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If you are initiating yourself in this lifestyle, it is very important that you incorporate new habits little by little. If you make the change brutally it is very likely that you give up in a short time, for example, begins the first week leaving the sugars and refined flours, second the carbonated drinks and increase more water intake, and so on. You will see that over time you will adapt to these changes that in the future your body will thank you.

It’s difficult to start the change when you have a whole life with another style adopted, or when you do not know what foods can help us improve body composition, when to eat them, which ones to choose, etc. So this list will help you incorporate new methods of cooking, food and replace those that were not favoring you at all:

  1. Avoid bread with butter: This is one of the most common saboteurs, especially when we do not eat at home. When you are trying to lower it, it is much healthier to order a salad, carpaccio, tiradito or tartar (without adding cheeses or mayonnaise dressings) than the bread, because they are extra calories unnecessary!
  2. Substitute white rice for brown rice: Brown rice is digested much slower than white rice because it is not refined and because of its high fiber content, which will make you feel much more satisfied and will control your appetite. It is low glycemic load, gluten free and does not trigger insulin levels like white rice. It is the ideal carbo complex to eat at lunch time, here you can learn how to prepare it, it is very easy!
  3. The oven will be your best ally: You can achieve your “crispy and delicious” food using the oven! Although it will take a little more time, believe me that in the end you will appreciate the wait, you will be consuming something much healthier that will not cause you a rise in cholesterol and triglycerides.
  4. Avoid juices and cocktails to accompany meals: although fruits are healthy and natural foods which have to be measured in order not to overdo it, they are rich in fructose = sugar, and if mixed with any alcoholic beverage, worse! You could be taking 400-500 calories, and if we sincerely do, you will not only drink 1 glass / glass but a minimum of 2 and up to 3! That’s why natural infusions are ideal, they are divine and high in antioxidants, or if it causes you, you can drink 1-2 glasses of wine a week.
  5. Serves in small plates: it is a trick that works very much, thus “we deceive” to our brain, remember that most we eat with the view. This also controls the amount since it is important to measure the portions because no matter how healthy it is if we eat more calories than we need we would be sabotaging.
  6. Season with natural spices and vegetables: the more natural the food, the better. Avoid processed sauces, soy sauce (for its high sodium content), BBQ, cubes, etc. Spices and vegetables such as onion, paprika, pork, turmeric, sea salt, chili powder, oregano, etc. They will give a rich flavor to the meals and will not add many calories.

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