Larry Dee Scott’s History

Today we will get to know even more to “The Legend” (“The Legend” and “The Golden Boy”) of bodybuilding, Larry Dee Scott, he was recognized by his impressive physique, he was the first and second winner of Mr. Olympia, he get retired after his second victory, at the age of 28, however he tried to return in 1979, before retiring completely, a lot of people was impressed by his decision, however, his top priority was his family, as well as that time everything he had wanted from bodybuilding, he had reached it at that point.

Originally endowed with a narrow physique he had to work to build his shoulders and back, and in this way create the wide illusion and the v-taper that is so sought after in bodybuilding. He began training and learning under the tutelage of Vince Gironde, who was then a well-known bodybuilder.

After training with Gironde, he became famous for his unusually large and long biceps. The exercise “The preacher curls”, invented by Gironde, was eventually named after him: the Scott curls.

By the age of 70 he still had some enviable biceps. Unfortunately he died on March 8, 2014, as his Alzheimer’s got complicated.

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