Lemons and their Benefits

Lemons are citrus fruit that has many uses in the kitchen and in the home in general. It is loaded with vitamin C, flavonoids and other micronutrients highly beneficial to health. Its antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and detoxifying properties are widely known.

It is recommended to drink lemon juice in hot water or infusion, fasting and when rising. Lemon juice or juice can be used to reduce the oxidation of fruits cut into pieces, such as apple, avocado, etc.

Your skin contains the phytonutrient tangeretin that is believed to be effective for brain function, it should be included within the regular consumption of lemon, both in grated and in pieces added to food. They are used in both savory and sweet dishes as some desserts.

Lemon liquefies bile and dissolves uric acid and other toxins in our body, helping the liver in its purifying function of our body.

The citric acid they contain gives them that bitter taste. In spite of being an acid, during and after digestion its alkalization is produced by the citrates of magnesium, calcium and others, balancing the pH of the organism and being highly beneficial for health.

Its components neutralize the free radicals that damage our cells and produce diseases. Lemon may be beneficial to combat other inflammatory conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and some cancers.

It helps with peristaltic movements of our viscera, facilitating the elimination of waste and improving the regularity of bowel movements. Veins and arteries are strengthened with the bioflavonoids present in the lemon, preventing internal bleeding. It is also useful in the treatment of high blood pressure.

In addition, the hesperetin or hesperetin phytonutrient present in lemon has been shown to alleviate some allergic symptoms, and to top it off, the lemon also has bactericidal power.

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