Main events at Mr. Olympia

As we all know, Mr. Olympia, is a bodybuilding activity, recognized worldwide, it is a reality that this competition involves many people specialized in this area, that is why, today we will talk a little about some of the Main Events that are performed during this activity.

Mr. Olympia, 2017:

Many participants have applied to participate in this activity, however, only 8 men have qualified to make their presentation on the day of competition. The chosen ones for this year 2017, come from all parts of the world, we mention them below:

  1. Beyeke, Lionel. – From: France.
  2. Bonae, William. – From: Netherlands.
  3. De Asha, Nathan. – From: United Kingdom.
  4. Elssbiay, Mamdouh. – From: Egypt.
  5. Heath, Phil. – From: United States from America.
  6. Jackson, Dexter. – From: United States from America.
  7. Rhoden, Shawn. – From: United States from America.
  8. Winklaar, Roely. – From: Curacao.

Fitness Olympia, 2017:

This event is based is based on the female bodybuilding competition, likewise, many girls, from different parts of the world, enter the request to participate in it, however, this year only 7 of them have been qualified to go to the big event that will take place in September of this year, we mention them below:

  1. Da Silva, Regiane. – From: Germany.
  2. Moroni, Giorgia. – From: Italy.
  3. Grishina, Oksana. – From: Russia.
  4. Johnson, Tanji. – From: United States of America.
  5. Jones, Whitney. – From: United States of America.
  6. Kendall-Williams, Sally. – From: United States of America.
  7. Wagner, Bethany. – From: United States of America.

During the course of this month, until the date of the competition, we will be giving you more information about the events, their participants and all the details you want to know about Mr. Olympia, 2017!

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