Pros and Cons of Spicy Food

Spicy is a seasoning that many people are accustomed to serve in various meals of our day to day, but how does this food affect our body?

Well as any other gives you some benefits as well as disadvantages.

  1. Spicy foods tend to improve the flu and nasal congestion at the moment. Particularly because the spicy vitamin A and C, which stimulate the immune system and prevent us from catching any disease of this type.
  2. Spicy food due to a chemical called capsaicin tends to accelerate and improve our metabolism.
  3. The very spicy food can alter the body temperature, leading you to suffer many times of body heat.
  4. Although this food accelerates the metabolism, nothing in excess is good and this could lead to worsening ulcers and heart problems.
  5. Many times we can suffer from diarrhea due to the amount of spicy ingested. This food causes everything in our gut to move and irritate, causing this effect.
  6. Beware of excessive consumption of this food in terms of loss of sensitivity in the flavors. Spicy can alter your taste buds by damaging them and leaving them completely useless.

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