Reach your Goals and Maintain yourself

Sometimes it is more difficult to maintain a long-term goal than to reach a goal … relax, become more flexible and make mistakes. Share some tips for not going back!:

  • Eat 85% natural:

Eat tasty, varied, but healthy and in the right portions. Learn to know your body, identify the foods you can not tolerate and the maximum carbohydrates you can consume without starting to increase fat, each body is different. It is also a good idea to start practicing carbohydrate cycles, I talk about that in my second book, where the lowest days of carbos with a high day in the coals, and the days that consumes more carbos (in almost all the meals ) Are the most intense training.

  • Make 5 meals a day:

You can do them every 3-4 hours. This helps keep your blood glucose levels stabilized, in addition, you avoid excessive hunger and you control your anxiety very well.

  • Do not take old habits back:

Remember that if, for example, your goal was to lose fat, you are now literally smaller and your body needs less energy to sustain itself. If you eat again like you did before, so you’re going to put it back.

  • Always keep your vegetable consumption high:

You should always include vegetables in your dishes, because they bring many benefits. The ideal green vegetable portion is the amount that fits in your two hands together and open; The one of the cooked vegetables must be equal to the palm of the hand, with the contacts together.

  • Prize 2 times a week with meals:

From time to time you can make meals that are not as healthy, high in calories and that you enjoy a lot. You can do in maintenance of the meals to the week, that are not in consecutive days; Make sure you exercise Golden Rule: either drink alcoholic beverages or eat high-calorie / carbs / fat foods, but not both.

  • Exercise 5 times a week:

Strength and cardio exercise to continue challenging your body, keep improving, maintaining metabolism and hormonal health, so there is a balance between what comes and what you burn. Every 6 weeks your routine varies, do not always do the same.

  • Take enough water:

You must take a minimum of 2 liters of water a day, and if you train you can take up to 4 liters daily. Control of the appetite, hydration, acceleration of the metabolism and elimination of toxins and impurities of some of its benefits. There are no calorie / juice / soda volumes with your meals.

  • Do not eat on autopilot:

Chopping all day can sabotage you, although maintenance comes with more flexibility, you can not clutter your food too much because it starts to gain fat little by little.

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