Risks for New Vegetarians People

Leaving the meat aside and becoming a vegetarian seems to be a new trend that many young people and women are taking. This can be a frightening risk to our brain and our organism in general.

Every day more and more people are adopting this vegan side, eliminating all kinds of body meats. According to studies, becoming a vegan reduces the risk of cancer, lengthens the amount of life, among other things. The side effects we are causing in our body in making this radical change may be irreversible.

Panic attacks, anxiety and depression are one of the side effects that many people who have chosen the vegetarian lifestyle are suffering. When we eliminate the flesh from our body, it causes our brain to undergo a change that leads us to become depressed and cause panic attacks.

Leaving meat could cause us a great risk of having very serious mental disorders. It is true that day by day we see studies on how to reduce the consumption of these we can help to fight cancer among others. But eliminating them completely causes degenerative effects on our body and mind.

15% of vegetarians suffer from depressions and are likely to suffer from anxiety disorders, 18% report depressions and 28% tend to suffer from panic attacks. The truth is that the two theories are true but the ideal is to consume less meat but not eliminate it from the system to have a more balanced body and mind.

Food is an essential factor for our health and our mind, that is why we must take care of properly and safely.

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