Seven healthy habits, seven days a week

Today we have developed a series of healthy habits to carry out during the course of the whole week, do not fall behind and is part of this initiative:

Monday: Wake up 30 minutes earlier to plan the week (and include the healthy habits we recommend below). You can make a notepad with a colorful week to encourage us to keep it and always carry it with you.
Tuesday: Drink water with lemon 20 minutes before breakfast. Yes, we have heard it to the full, but its antioxidant benefits are infinite and squeezing half a lemon in a glass of water does not cost anything, let’s face it!
Wednesday: Devotes 30 minutes of cardio and sees increasing intensity. Today you can start walking, tomorrow you raise the bar and practice power walking, past you go running, the next a spinning session, raise the intensity at your pace but try not to stay alone. When you feel more energetic, increase the time by 5 minutes.
Thursday: Make this day your beauty day, dedicate every Thursday to a beauty session at home where you include exfoliation and moisturizing.
Friday: For this day try to get a detox shake for snack time. Include this habit weekly.
Saturday: Disconnect from the virtual life, today there are no social networks for you, there is no WhatsApp! Stay with your friends, make plans with your partner or organize a meal with your family, but today the data will be in ‘Off’ mode.
Sunday: Spend an hour meditating and / or practicing yoga. After having rested yesterday today all reflect on our week and load the batteries for tomorrow so there is nothing better than practicing meditation or an hour of yoga and if you can be outdoors.

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