Sugar, Brown Sugar and Honey

People say: “NOO! I do not eat sugar, what horror! As I’m on a diet I changed sugar for honey and brown sugar”

Good! We have a surprise! Honey, brown sugar and cardboard have almost the same chemical structure as white sugar, that is, they get fat! Now we tell you more about that part, but let’s start talking about sugar, the craving that unites the entire human race and even health organizations everywhere tell us we have to control.

The average American today consumes approximately 1.3 kilos of sugar a week, when in 1880 consumed only 2.3 kilos PER YEAR. Clearly, this sugar intake has skyrocketed and is out of control, so what do you do? First we must know that the body can not differentiate between added sugar and natural sugar, it only knows that it wants SWEET. This is why it is important to separate the sugar, that is, to separate the sweets and flours of the fruits and dairy (these last 2 also contain many important nutrients to lead a healthy life).

Now, speaking of these natural substitutes like honey, brown sugar, etc.: Their chemical structure is the union of glucose and fructose, they have practically the same amount of calories as simple sugar and the same reaction in your body when you consume them sugar in blood, increase the possibility of caries and contribute to overweight.

Our recommendation: Try to eliminate sugar slowly, substitute for stevia and if you are very anxious eat a sweet 150 calories once a week.


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