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Intense Training Routine

Today’s video has a particularity and is the fact that Gracyanne performs the exercises with a lot of weight on her body, it is important to mention that...


Booty Workout

Today’s video is based on Booty Workout, below we will comment a little bit more about this Booty Workout Routine: Squats: A curious fact about this type...


Build the Hottest Booty

Today’s video is based on How to Build an Irresistible Booty, for this we will talk about the exercises that you can see on this publication: Lying Leg...


Brazilian Booty Workout

Today’s video is based on a Brazilian Booty Workout, which is based on different types of exercise, such as the following ones: Squats: This are...


More about Deadlift

Todays’s exercise is the Deadlift, which plays an important role in strengthening the back of our legs and buttocks. This activity is associated with the...


Exercises for Hamstrings

Today we have a video that focuses on the training of the hamstrings, using three types of exercises, which are recognized for their effectiveness in this type...


Sumo Deadlift Routine

For today we have a routine that we will explain to you, the full video is based on the Sumo Deadlift exercise, which is a way to strengthen the lower body by...

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