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Which is the Best Diet?

It is not an easy question to answer, because as you will see, there is no such person, so not all diets will have the same effect throughout the world. It is...


3 Detox Recipes

THE KING OF DETOX After a large meal or a meal that you have overdone with food and some alcohol, get yourself two handfuls of baby spinach, half lemon juice...


Reduce Inflammation Foods

There are foods that reduce inflammation, and that can help us to improve our way of life, so that we can also decrease the intake of drugs, here we name some:...


What about Cheat Meal?

The food trap, plus it’s a delicious respite is a help and a push to keep improving! IT HELPS YOU! Approximately after four days of a strict diet of fat...


Stuffed Eggs Recipe

The egg is a food that can be used in different combinations and meals, that is why today we will teach you to make healthy stuffed eggs, pending the recipe...


How to Lower Triglycerides

In our body the fat is stored and circulates in the form of triglycerides. A very close person took the courage a little high and asked what you should do...


Different Energy Sources

Lately many people tend to look for different energy sources, for this reason, it seemed to me that giving these tips would not hurt: SLEEP: This should be a...

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