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Cheesecake Vegan Recipe

We want to share with you this recipe, is one of those designated to share on special occasions because it is expensive but yields a lot. It is a vegan cheese...


7 Low Carb Vegetables

These vegetables below are the ideal to satiate without feeling guilty later! Rich in fiber, low in carbohydrate and not starchy, are also good for heart...


Carbohydrates Abuse

When you consume refined carbohydrates: Sugar and processed flours, sweets, etc., your body asks you to consume more and more sugar, because these types of...


Weight Relevance

Weight is one of the least relevant measures in the fitness lifestyle. Just as you read, it is not the best indicator of progress. Weight does not...


How to Control Axiety

If you want to decrease anxiety and appetite, improve your health and lose fat, you just have to increase fiber intake. Fiber is a complex carbohydrate: That...


Chia Seeds Function

Although it is an expensive food, chia seeds are not sized for the amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they offer: Reduces blood sugar levels...


What about Detox

Detox juices are a MUST nowadays. While there is nothing inherently wrong in drinking green juices, the whole concept of detox and cleansing has gotten out of...


Fight Against Remorse

Remorse is something very common, you ate something that is not healthy and automatically come negative thoughts to your mind; This does not help. Do not...

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