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Which is the Best Diet?

It is not an easy question to answer, because as you will see, there is no such person, so not all diets will have the same effect throughout the world. It is...


Show better Legs

In this manual you will find practical information and exercises to have smoother skin, a healthy tan, how to exfoliate your skin and decrease cellulite. A...


Reduce Inflammation Foods

There are foods that reduce inflammation, and that can help us to improve our way of life, so that we can also decrease the intake of drugs, here we name some:...


Foods and Macronutrients

It is a great idea to visualize the different foods in each macronutrient. Those that are merely protein, carbohydrates and fats, those that are mixed, for...


Vegan Diet

Lately we have been asked a lot, how one can keep fit being vegan or ovolacteovegetarian. And we have to say that it is not easy and many people tend to go to...


Salmon Burgers Recipe

The interesting thing about a healthy lifestyle is that you can always have different options, just as delicious and that are the best options for your body...

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